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Poseidon is a leading contractor for specialized hydropower projects

undertaking the complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities through to project completion.






Intake Systems and ATCM

Hydraulic controls

Pressure Vessels

More than 800 projects throughout the world

Our human resources, with high qualified engineers and skilled technicians and our infrastructure, with a fully equipped industrial unit of 12.000m2, offer the fonts to undertake the most complex and demanding projects.


  • Poseidon S.A. in cooperation with DSD hydro provided the hydromechanical equipment for Platanovrisi dam

  • Poseidon S.A. undertook the mechanical and electrical equipment for the Smokovo 10.4 MW hydropower plant.

  • Poseidon in cooperation with AKTOR S.A. undertook the construction of the 10 MW Run of river Hydroelectric Power Plant in Rrapun, Albania

  • Poseidon undertook the construction of the 2MW Hydroelectric Power Plant with in-house development of the Pelton turbine

  • Poseidon engineered, constructed and erected the hydromechanical equipment of Piros-Parapiros Dam

  • Poseidon undertook the engineering construction and erection of hydromechanical equipment on Alfios Hydropower Plant

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Manufacturing Unit

4th km Farsalon - Volou,
P.O Box 11, 
40300 Farsala, Greece

Tel: (+30) 24910 22141

Athens Office

98 Kifissias Av.
11526 Athens, Greece

Tel: (+30) 210 6918677

email: info@poseidongreece.com